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Typical tastes

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The Valdera offers its visitors not only a rich heritage of art, history and traditions, but also the possibility of making the acquaintance of unique medieval villages of Etruscan origin, where man and nature meet in harmony. During a walk along the Wine Road of the Pisan hills you will encounter the charming and romantic villages Palaia, Peccioli, Lajatico, Terricciola, Chianni and Capannoli. As in a trip by the time machine you can enjoy the life here of yesteryear. Since the Middle Ages, the area seems to have fallen asleep like Sleeping Beauty. Read More »



The history of the olive tree

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Olive oil has a very long tradiotion in the history of mankind, which indeed dates back to the fourth millennium BC. The popularity of olive oil rose even more when the American nutritionist Ancel Keys pointed to the health benefits of olive oil in his international studies. Italy and especially the part of Tuscany, are one of the leading oil producers on the international market. Read More »


Tuscany Wine Tours

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Wine tastings offer the opportunity for getting to know and appreciating new wines. Tuscany, is  the land of wines “by excellence” and therefore an ideal destination for an expedition into the “kingdom of wines”, because here excellent wines have been grown since Etruscan times. Thanks to the great knowledge, dedication and passion of the local farmers, Tuscany is the region where most famous European wines come from. Read More »


Soup Festival in Agnano (Pisa)

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On the days of June 26th,  27th and 28th, 2009 a traditional soup festival takes place in  Agnano in the province of Pisa.  Visitors come to enjoy delicious Tuscan soups, tasty pasta dishes, grilled meat and the excellent Tuscan wines.

Agnano, is with its six hundred inhabitants  one of the smallest villages in the municipality of San Giuliano Terme. The village is situated on the slopes of the Mount Pisano midst a panoramic landscape of olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. Read More »