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The province of Pisa, a dream of art, sea and mountains

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There are certainly only a few regions in the world, which unite in their territory such a variety, as the province of Pisa it does. Its cultural wealth and scenic attractions range from the UNESCO World Heritage site of  Piazza dei Miracoli and the picturesque historic center of Pisa to the fantastic,  sandy beaches, natural oases, lakes, and the picturesque hills of the Valdera. In the province of Pisa, the scenic impressions vary from kilometer to kilometer. Read More »



Il Gioco del Ponte – Pisa and its medieval traditions

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On last Sunday in June the game of bridge takes place  in Pisa every year. At the end of a long procession, during which the participants wear traditional costumes from the Middle Ages, the two teams Tramontana  and Mezzogiono compete for the win. The game is a kind of tug of war. Object is not a rope, but a heavy car that is placed on rails. The team that manages to press the car on the bridge into the opponent’s territory  is the winner.

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The Pisan June, a spectacular festival of the Middle Ages

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Every year in Pisa, the month of June is a historic journey back to the Middle Ages. Throughout June, the city celebrates  its ancient traditions with concerts and cultural events. The four main events are the sea of lights in honor of San Ranieri, the patron saint of the city, the historical regatta on the River Arno, the game of the bridge, and last but not least every four years, the historic regatta of the Maritime Republics, which is held each year alternately in Amalfi, Genoa, Venice or Pisa.

Around these four events many other initiatives, such as flea markets, theater performances, street fairs, concerts, exhibitions and festivals take place. Read More »


Pisa Tour – from the Field of Miracles to the old town

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The Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, which together with the Baptistery, the Duomo, the Leaning Tower and the monumental cemetery forms the most important religious complex in the city,  is an obligatory stop for all visitors, who come to Tuscany. Because of  its uniqueness the place ranks among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Read More »


Pomaia, the little Tibet of Tuscany

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Pomaia, which belongs to the municipality of Santa Luce,  is one of the most picturesque places in the province of Pisa. The economy is primarily based  on agriculture and tourism. Because of the Tibetan-Buddhist monastery of Lama Tsongkhapa this idyllic spot is famous throughout the world. Read More »


Wine-making festival “Pisa unique land of wines”

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The Oenological Festival “Pisa unique land of wines” will be held in Pisa at the Stazione Leopolda on December 12th and 13th, 2009 . Approaching the world of wine is not just immerging into a world of fragrances , tastes and impressions, but above all, into a world of emotions and thoughts about wines. Read More »


Pisa and its three leaning towers

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Pisa is a city of about 87,000 inhabitants in Tuscany and the capital of the province.

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