Pomaia, the little Tibet of Tuscany

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Pomaia, which belongs to the municipality of Santa Luce,  is one of the most picturesque places in the province of Pisa. The economy is primarily based  on agriculture and tourism. Because of the Tibetan-Buddhist monastery of Lama Tsongkhapa this idyllic spot is famous throughout the world. Read More »



Modernity, antiquity, leather, footwear and theater

Santa Croce is part of the lower Arno valley, which offers the right balance between antiquity and modernity.

It lies on the right bank of the Arno River, slightly downhill from its confluence with the Egola Stream. Although the orthogonal street grid and the spacious central square are typical of castrensian settlements during the Roman period, the origin of the town is more commonly traced back to the feudal age. At the end of the 18th century the first tanneries laid the foundations for the future economy of the town. Over the years Santa Croce became the Tuscan city of leather tanning and the leather and shoe-making industry. Read More »

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Relax in the Valdera between spas and nature

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A journey into a land of prosperity and wonderful landscapes…

The lovely valley of the river Era extends in front of the slopes of Volterra. This lush region is filled with healing waters and has been inhabited since the Etruscan period. The presence of the Etruscans is witnessed by many highly cultural monuments and finds. The gently rolling hills and the deep green cypress are fertilized by four rivers: Era, Arno, Roglio and Cascina. Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts are inspired by panoramic hiking paths. Read More »


A trip to the town of antiquities, Etruscans and Romans

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The town of Bientina is situated in the Valdarno inferiore, in the lowland among the hills of Cerbaie and Monte Pisano. It has ancient origins. The area of the lake “Bientina”  is rich in archaeological finds, which date back to the Iron Age and the Etruscan period. The name of Bientina appeared for the first time on a map of the yaer 793. In the thirteenth and forteenth centuries, it was alternately under the dominion of Lucca and Pisa. From 1402 until the end of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1859, the town was under the rule of Florence. Read More »


Peccioli and its Archaeological Museum

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The museum houses the finds, that were discovered during excavations in the Etruscan town of Ortaglia, only a few miles from Peccioli. During construction works an Etruscan well and parts of a building dating from the Hellenistic age were found in Ortaglia. Due to their size, the remains of the building let assume, that they were  part of a temple or sanctuary. In addition, a large number of votive offerings were found. Many of these, as the weights of looms and bobbins give reason to believe, that the sanctuary was dedicated to a goddess. Highlight of the archaeological excavation is an attic red-figured kylix *, which is doubtlessly attributed to the famous Greek painter Macron, who worked in Athens around 490-480 BC. Read More »


The miracle of the water of Casciana Terme

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A legend of this most charming place says that, we have discovered the miracle of this water due to the terminally ill blackbird of the Countess Matilde di Canossa, which after having a bath in the steaming water of a stream was again unusually happy and healthy. Read More »


Visiting Volterra

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View of Volterra; Photo: majamarko

At least half a day should be scheduled for Volterra. Because this city has, with its high buildings and cobbled streets, which give it sometimes a bleak appearance, many important sights to offer, such as the Etruscan Museum and the interesting alabaster craft with several workshops. Read More »