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Modernity, antiquity, leather, footwear and theater

Santa Croce is part of the lower Arno valley, which offers the right balance between antiquity and modernity.

It lies on the right bank of the Arno River, slightly downhill from its confluence with the Egola Stream. Although the orthogonal street grid and the spacious central square are typical of castrensian settlements during the Roman period, the origin of the town is more commonly traced back to the feudal age. At the end of the 18th century the first tanneries laid the foundations for the future economy of the town. Over the years Santa Croce became the Tuscan city of leather tanning and the leather and shoe-making industry. Read More »


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Palaia, one of the most beautiful places of Tuscany

The small village of Palaia is locatedย  in the province of Pisa and counts 4513 inhabitants. The road, which leads from Palaia to San Gimignano, is one of the most beautiful and famous roads in the world. Read More »

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On the trail of the Etruscans

The history of the Etruscans is only little known. The written records are insufficient and the archaeological finds, such as rich and fascinating as they are, help us not, to completely reconstruct the events of this great nation. The Etruscan culture dates back to the ninth and eighth century B.C. Read More »

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