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Il Gioco del Ponte – Pisa and its medieval traditions

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On last Sunday in June the game of bridge takes place  in Pisa every year. At the end of a long procession, during which the participants wear traditional costumes from the Middle Ages, the two teams Tramontana  and Mezzogiono compete for the win. The game is a kind of tug of war. Object is not a rope, but a heavy car that is placed on rails. The team that manages to press the car on the bridge into the opponent’s territory  is the winner.

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The Pisan June, a spectacular festival of the Middle Ages

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Every year in Pisa, the month of June is a historic journey back to the Middle Ages. Throughout June, the city celebrates  its ancient traditions with concerts and cultural events. The four main events are the sea of lights in honor of San Ranieri, the patron saint of the city, the historical regatta on the River Arno, the game of the bridge, and last but not least every four years, the historic regatta of the Maritime Republics, which is held each year alternately in Amalfi, Genoa, Venice or Pisa.

Around these four events many other initiatives, such as flea markets, theater performances, street fairs, concerts, exhibitions and festivals take place. Read More »


Lari and its cerry festival

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In Lari the cultivation of cherries looks back on a centuries-old tradition. In fact, in this romantic town, with  its 9,000 inhabitants, are grown 19 different award-winning varieties. Read More »


Wine-making festival “Pisa unique land of wines”

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The Oenological Festival “Pisa unique land of wines” will be held in Pisa at the Stazione Leopolda on December 12th and 13th, 2009 . Approaching the world of wine is not just immerging into a world of fragrances , tastes and impressions, but above all, into a world of emotions and thoughts about wines. Read More »


Volterragusto, a food and wine festival, with the specialties of the Era Valley

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The discovery of the landscape and culinary delights is the best way to discover the treasures of Tuscany. From October 10, till November 8, 2009 the medieval streets of the picturesque Etruscan town of Volterra turn  into a street festival for foodies. In addition to ham, salami, honey, chocolate and wine, the precious white truffle is the star among the local specialties.

During the fair the market of the world-famous White Truffle from San Miniato will take place on Saturday, October 24, and Sunday, October 25, and on Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1st, 2009. Visitors will find here a lot of truffle specialties like truffle cheese, truffle salami and truffle chocolate.

On Saturday, November 7th, and Sunday, November 8th, there is everything about chocolate. The Chocolate Valley of the Valdera  is one of the major chocolate producers in Europe. Even Queen Elizabeth of England buys her chocolate from here. Besides the exhibition of the sweet treats, there will be a presentation about how chocolate is produced. There are also many funny activities in which the visitors can participate such as a truffle-hunting with experienced truffle hunters and their dogs.

For your visit to the wine and food festival in Volterra, we offer you a range of oenological and culinary packages, and accommodation romantic vineyards.



The White Truffle of San Miniato

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Festival of the White Truffle in San Miniato from September 26 at 7 pm till September 27, 2009 11pm

An old saying, that the children of San Miniato are yet taught, says that in the underground of Dodero, Montoderi and Poggioderi there is a golden calf. The golden calf is actually mentioned in the medieval documents of the Historical Archives of San Miniato. It may seem strange, but in this triangle of Valdegola is the heart of the White Truffle of San Miniato, which value can be compared with gold. Brillat Savarin once wrote: “The truffle makes women more tender and men more amiable.” Read More »


Volterra Taste & Art

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Volterra, a city of art, history and culture, enchants its visitors not only with its architectural beauty from the time of the Etruscans, but it is also a paradise for lovers of the traditional rural Tuscan cuisine. The initiative Volterra & taste helps you to get to know and to taste  the delicious agricultural products of Tuscany. Read More »