On the trails of the bestseller “New Moon” in Volterra

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New Moon is the second Book of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, which was published on September 6th, 2006 in the United States. The film on the novel was shown  in the cinema in November 2009. The shooting programme began in Vancouver on March 16th, 2009  and in Italy on May 19th, 2009. The actors, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are the same as in the previous Twilight.

The book is about vampires  and the “Volturri” are among the protagonists. Aro and Sulpicius, Marcus and Didyme and Caius and Athenodora are the heads of this ancient and powerful vampire family called the Volturi, who live in Volterra, Italy. The Volturi do not follow the diet of the “vegetarians” that characterizes the Cullens, but are nourished by human blood and lure their victims directly in their house, because their tradition prohibits the hunting of humans. The “Volturri” are considered as the royal family among the vampires. Their dynasty is about three thousand years old and the other vampires have deep respect for them. Their  skin is translucent, almost transparent, and very much colder than the skin of the the other vampires and their  eyes have the appearance of a dusty veil.

The Volturi act as guarantors for the only law of the vampires: The existence of the vampires must be kept secret. At no price people can know of their existence. The vampires, who break this law, are cruelly punished by the Volturi.  Their overwhelming military power and their unique skills were even feared by so large clans like the Cullens.

… back to the footsteps of Edward and Bella in “New Moon” in Volterra

Back to the footsteps of Edward and Bella in New Moon, where  the arts and the ancient history of Volterra form the backdrop for the novel by Stephenie Meyer.

As in the book,  you will go through the city gate of the terrible Volturi clan…

You will look at the impressive buildings and stroll through the narrow streets where the darkness poses a risk and a hazard and where life and death walk a tightrope …

Suddenly you feel the wind around you, it’s Edward, you can feel him standing behind you …

This frightens you out of your senses and you run as fast as you can to the bell tower. You want to save him at any cost, even if it costs you the life …

Wherever you go, you will walk on the trails  of the powerful lords of Volterra. The fear is palpable, and you will have the impression to feel the cold hands of the Volturri on your shoulder…


The  tour to the places of the famous bestseller “New Moon” lasts about 90 minutes and will end with a great surprise for all  participants.

For your accommodation we recommend our two farmhouses, two ancient vineyards.  Imagine you read the book in the old vaults of these vineyards, and then go to the places, about which you have read scary stories.  Are you afraid, or can we expect your visit?

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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