Pisa Tour – from the Field of Miracles to the old town

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The Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, which together with the Baptistery, the Duomo, the Leaning Tower and the monumental cemetery forms the most important religious complex in the city,  is an obligatory stop for all visitors, who come to Tuscany. Because of  its uniqueness the place ranks among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Choosing Viale delle Cascine is the best way to reach the field. In Via C. Cameo, we turn right and on our arrival the first thing we see, is the  gigantic Romanesque Baptistery, built under the direction of Nicola Pisano. Inside it is decorated with an imposing pulpit, which shows the story of Christ.

Behind the cathedral stands the Baptistery. Its overwhelming facade expresses with its many columns and pilasters, the harmony of the Romanesque architecture. In its immediate vicinity the Museo dell’Opera can be visited. It shows pictures, models and documents, that describe the phases of the construction of this complex architecture.

The Tower of Pisa, also known as the leaning tower, defines the freestanding bell tower of the cathedral. Due to its huge imbalances it has become one of the symbols of Tuscany  throughout the world.

In the past the most famous people of Pisa were buried in the monumental cemetery. Today it is a kind of art gallery, where numerous Etruscan and medieval works are on display.

Leaving the Field of Miracles, we reach Via Cardinal Maffi, where we come to the palace of the Archbishop of Pisa. Turning right into Via Carducci, we reach the historic city center, whose main focus is the Piazza dei Cavalieri.

Here we come to the church and the castle, which are dedicated to St. Stephen. Both commemorate, how the saint fought against the Saracens. We also admire the Palazzo dell’Orologio, often also called the dungeon tower, because Count Ugolino, a Pisan nobleman died here in 1200 of hunger. He was held prisoner, by the Ghibellines, because he wanted to introduce a Guelph government.

The area around Pisa is characterised by beautiful landscapes, traditions, and silence. Located in the heart of Tuscany, it is an ideal starting point for exploring the many treasures of Tuscany.

Exploring Tuscany with its beauty, traditions and treasures


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