Month of Peace in Lari

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Start of the “Month of Peace” in Lari
From April 9th, to May 20th,  a full calendar of events, exhibitions and conferences

This year the idyllic village of Lari celebrates in the cooperation with the Province of Pisa, the tenth edition of the “Month of Peace”. “With this iniziative we want to set the course for a better future for ourselves and for our children,” said the mayor of Lari. “During the period, in which we live, this is strongly necessary. I am increasingly convinced, that the establishment of peace begins in our consciousness and how we live with our neighbors and the entire community.”

View of the Church of Lari

the stairs leading to the castle of Lari

the courtyard of the castle

Photo gallery from Lari: Die Seehubers

Main theme of this year’s edition of the month of peace will be the integration. The integration of all races, is a perfect opportunity to overcome any tendency of social conflicts between the different cultures , because none  integration often leads to episodes of violence and darkness, says the mayor of Lari.

The varied program offers visitors from around the world exhibitions, theater performances, reflections, commemorative events and the participation in peace marches.

On Sunday, April 11, the photo exhibition “Doing so, as knowing nothing” will be inaugurated. The exhibition, which runs until April 23th, shows photographs from Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

On the following Sunday,  April 18th ,the market of barter, an initiative launched by the youth of Lari, will take place. People from all over the world are cordially invited to exchange without money. Any types of articles like books, clothing, furniture, music, fruits, vegetables, spices, plants or toys can be exchanged.

On April 25th,  the anniversary of the liberation will be celebrated. The photo exhibition “Never Again” will be inaugurated in the Teatro Comunale di Lari and in the Castle of Lari, an unique play, entitled “Sapere Aude”, will be performed. The play shows a  journey to the extermination camp Auschwitz, which beginns in 1944 with the entry of a group of Jewish women and which lasts until the liberation by the Red Army.

The highlight of the month of peace is the peace march through the beautiful hills between Crespina, Lari and Perignano.

Relax in the peaceful countryside of Tuscany


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