Wine-making festival “Pisa unique land of wines”

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The Oenological Festival “Pisa unique land of wines” will be held in Pisa at the Stazione Leopolda on December 12th and 13th, 2009 . Approaching the world of wine is not just immerging into a world of fragrances , tastes and impressions, but above all, into a world of emotions and thoughts about wines.The event “Pisa Unica Terra Di Vino” arose from the desire to share ideas and tastes about the world of wine and emphasizing the interaction between nature and winegrowing. The most renowned wineries of the province of Pisa will participate in this event. Professional sommeliers will accompany the visitors during the wine tasting. After the Chianti the harmonious hills of Pisa are the main wine region of Tuscany.

The Pisan hills are the guardian of hidden villages with magical atmosphere, old traditions and delicacies. The discovery of the province of Pisa is like moving back to the Middle Ages and the Etruscans. The green hills form the backdrop for romantic villages, where time seems to stand still. The small medieval towns come up with impressive castles, picturesque streets, old houses, churches and small workshops, in which a centuries-old craftsmanship is still practiced.

During your holidays in Tuscany we will show you the most idyllic places of Tuscany such as Lari, VolterraSan Miniato or Peccioli. Furthermore you can enrich your holidays with Tuscan cooking classes, wine tastings and spend romantic nights in vineyards.


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