The castle of Lari

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Foto: flickr; bettola

The Castle of Lari is probably the only medieval castle in Renaissance style in the province of Pisa, which is still habitable. The castle is now owned by the municipality of Lari and served in the past as a court of Tuscany and the Italian state. During the Roman Empire there were also held inquisitions against witchcraft. The castle is located on a hill, which has been populated since the ancient world .

The fort has probably already existed among the Lombards and was, according to documents, rebuilt by the powerful family of Upezzinghi, fierce opponents of the Pisan, from 1230 to 1287.

Soon, however, the Upezzinghi were forced to obey the Pisan maritime republic and in 1289 the castle of Lari came again under the control of Pisa.

The castle was partly donated to the Archbishop of Pisa and the remaining part was purchased by him.

The southwest side of the castle dates back to the time of the Pisan government. The remaining structure was renovated by the Florentines in various stages. Further renovation works were completed by the Habsburgs from 1725 to 1775.

The current structure

In the courtyard we see on the right side the church of the castle, while on the left side the prison can be seen . On the opposite site there is the main wing of the castle. Its facade is decorated with various emblems of the vicars of Lari. In the middle of the courtyard stands a beautiful cistern. At the end of the courtyard stands the Palazzo dei Vicari with a monumental facade.

A two day adventure trip through the medieval Tuscany

Foto: flickr; Marco83

During your holidays in Tuscany we offer you an eventful visit to the Era Valley. We will visit the romantic town of Lari, its castle and a traditional pasta factory. You will stay overnight in a romantic farm. More info: Palace and Pasta


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