Tuscany Wine Tours

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Wine tastings offer the opportunity for getting to know and appreciating new wines. Tuscany, is  the land of wines “by excellence” and therefore an ideal destination for an expedition into the “kingdom of wines”, because here excellent wines have been grown since Etruscan times. Thanks to the great knowledge, dedication and passion of the local farmers, Tuscany is the region where most famous European wines come from.

The Valdera is the territory, where flavor and culture reach its maximum expression. Wide roads lead through the romantic vineyards from which the world’s most valuable wines are extracted. During our journey we pass medieval hamlets and endless orchards, olive groves and vineyards. It smells of fruity grapes, spicy olives, sunflowers, cypress trees and freshly mown grass. When the wind blows from the coastlines, there is even a slight whiff of a salty sea breeze.

Wine drinking requires the same culture and dedication than winegrowing. Wine connoisseurs do not drink the wine, they enjoy it, sip for sip and let the taste arise in the mouth.

After a wine tasting tour, you will probably still not be able to identify the type, age and origin of the wine straightaway, but you will certainly be able to chose the right wine for special occasions and combine it perfectly with the dishes. But above all you will be able to enjoy it with pleasure, love and dedication.

In this context, we invite you to participate in our wine and olive oil tasting tours.

The package includes 2 nights at a charming farmhouse in the middle of the picturesque Tuscan nature. A private guide leads you to wineries and olive farms and an cheese dairy near the Etruscan town of Volterra. During the trip you will enjoy the best white and red wines, delicious olive oil and tangy pecorino cheese.

Framhouse holidays in Tuscany


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