A bitter-sweet wedding

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A hilarious comedy, during which the actors and audience have dinner together. An unique event of its kind, a sweet and bitter marriage, in fact, the most absurd and funny that you will ever experience.

The play takes place on July 24th, 2009 in Palaia in the province of Pisa at 8 pm. Ticket 35,00 Euros including play, dinner, dance and music.
Reservation is required:; Mobile: (0039) 333.3663897;

The drama tells the story of a core point of human life: the married life, which reflects the culture and environment of each individual. The comedy is about the wedding of two people of different backgrounds, from the southern and northern parts of Italy, whose cultural differences are as large as day and night. A wedding full of surprises, joy and sorrow, love and hatred, tragedy and comedy.

She comes from a wealthy Milanese family and he from a poor Neapolitan family. Two seemingly opposite poles, are here united in the holy sacrament of marriage. To avoid that neither of the two families feels relegated, the couple decides to celebrate the wedding in Tuscany, a neutral ground in the the centre of Italy.

During this unique and humorous comedy, the spectators are the main protagonists, because there is no wedding without dinner and guests. The comedians will take the roles of the bridal couple and the relatives and the audience takes the role of the guests. Together they will dance, sing, laugh and cry.

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