Village festival in San Miniato

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The festival of Ponte a Egola in the municipality of San Miniato was founded by the parish priest Don Gino Frediani in 1988 . His goal was to encourage the people to leave their houses and to attract them with simple games in order to revive the communal life. Then as now the feast enjoys great popularity. People come from far and wide in the small town in order to attned the exuberant street party.

Between the six districts of the municipality are carried out amusing competitions. The highlight of the event is a parade in historical costumes and a barrel race. Heavy wooden casks are rolled through the medieval streets. There are also a series of competitions for children and adolescents. During the festival, visitors can enjoy free cabaret performances.

As during any Tuscan village festival, the first-class Tuscan wines and savory agricultural products are served.

The village festival lasts from June, 27th to July, 5th 2009
Location: Ponte a Egola-San Miniato

San Miniato – a stroll through history

The area was colonized by the legionaries of the Emperor Augustus and became a village after the invasion of the Lombards. In the year 783 there was built a church , which was consecrated  the martyr San Miniato, who later also became the patron saint of the town. Today, San Miniato is an important center of the leather processing and world-famous for its white truffles.

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