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After the success of 2008 the second edition of the culinary journey to discover the traditional Pisan food and wine will return to Pisa.

Throughout the month of June, the restaurants offer a fixed menu with delicious dishes of local cuisine.

This is an excellent opportunity  for enjoying the exclusive food of the region during the International Astronomical Year and the many events of the Pisan June.

Following the list of the restaurants, where you can enjoy the delicious menus:

Bagus Ristorante
Piazza dei Facchini 13 – 56125 Pisa (PI)

tel: 050 26196

Osteria dei Cavalieri
Via San Frediano 16 – 56100 Pisa (PI)

tel: 050 580858 fax: 050 581259

Ristorante Squisitia
Via S. Biagio – 56124 Pisa (PI)
tel: 050 9719555 fax: 050 9719557

Ristorante La Scaletta
via Pietrasantina 107 – 56122 Pisa (PI)
tel: 050 562269 fax: 050 8311235

Ristorante La Vecchia Cascina
via S.Biagio 68 – 56100 Pisa (PI)
tel: 050 970487 fax: 050 3138248In this context, we offer you the experience of a most interesting and exciting cookery courses. The Tuscan cuisine is based on simple but tasty recipes, with fresh ingredients from the local agriculture. During the cooking class you’ll get an insight into the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and learn a lot of tricks for the preparation of delicious dishes such as pasta, risotto, vegetables, soups, bread and desserts. In addition, we inform you about the ideal combination of local red and white wines to the respective dishes. For detailed information: TUSCAN COOKING COURSE

Experience the Pisan June
Below the main events of the world famous Pisan June:Regatta of the Maritime Republics

Gioco del Ponte


For accommodation we recommend you our charming cottages


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