The game of the bridge in Pisa

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The game of the bridge (Il Gioco del Ponte) is a historic event, which takes place annually on the last Sunday of the month of June in Pisa. The highlight is a historic parade along the  Arno promenade, with more than 700 participants .

After the historic parade the two opposing teams “Tramontana” and “Mezzogiorno” meet to a power struggle at the Ponte di Mezzo. In the middle of the bridge there is a 12 meter long car on rails. Every team gathers at the two ends of the car. From here, the men try to push the car on the opposing side the more than possible. The victory goes to the team, which has managed to place the car on the opponent’s territory.

Holidays in the hilly landscape of the Valdera, in the province of Pisa.

The year 2009 is with its many events and celebrations like the International Astronomical Year, an ideal holiday destination for sun and nature lovers. The Valdera has everything to offer that you need for an unforgettable holiday: Charming, medieval villages, beautiful hills with vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees, excellent wines and good food. Dive into the cultural offers and spend your holidays in one of our wonderful holiday homes at affordable prices:


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