Celebrations of the Galilean Year in PISA 2009

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On the occasion of the 400-year anniversary since the first astronomical observations by Galileo, a mixture of various initiatives shaped by science, research, history, art, music and theater take place in Pisa this year. The city of Pisa celebrates its famous son, who has changed the life of every individual and the whole world,  thanks to his curiosity and intelligence. The celebrations of the Galilean year focus the roots of the past and the opportunities of the future. Pisa is the ideal city to celebrate Galileo Galilei on a grand scale thanks to its wealth of schools, universities, research institutions, cultural resources, history and science.

From April 20, to May 24,  and September 25, to October 25, 2009

The Ludoteca Scientifica, Via Nicola Pisano 25, Pisa, offers an interactive exhibition with over 60 individual exhibitions, rich in simple and funny observations and a series of scientific games in order to celebrate Galileo with a reproduction of some of his most important experiments:

• The gravity and the inclined plane
• The pendulum and the measure of time
• Reflection and diffusion of light
• The telescope and the observations of the sky
• Thousands of ways to produce sounds and voices
• The Galileo thermometer

Moreover, from April 20, to May 24, 2009 visitors witness his most famous experiment: the free fall of the stone and the feather in the vacuum

Ludoteca Scientifica, Via Nicola Pisano, 25 – Pisa
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am-18 pm, on bank holidays 2 pm-7 pm

Plan your trip:

The celebrations of the Galilean Year in Pisa are an unique occasion for a holiday in Tuscany amidst breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, medieval towns and with the unique cultural discovery of the secret places of Tuscany.  Experience with us:

* Tradition and artisanry in Tuscany
* The charterhouse of Calci and the Natural Park of Pisa

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